Whole Food Plant-Based Tips In An Awesome Interview!

by Kathy Anne Rodriguez

I had a fantastic opportunity to be interviewed by a certified nutritionist, Carrie Miller. She asked me to share some of my Whole Food Plant-based tips with her. In “The Healthy Brain Podcast,” Carrie hits on challenging topics and covers interesting facts giving her listeners insight into alternative approaches to optimize their brain health. She helps people take control of their health to enjoy a life full of joy and laughter with their family and friends! 

From the moment her mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Carrie felt led to understand the logistics behind its prevention. Her passion lies in sharing research through practical tips so people can serve as their own brain health advocates. I was so happy to share as many Whole Food Plant-based tips as I could to help her audience.

What is “The Healthy Brain Podcast?”

Well, I am glad you asked…

“The Healthy Brain Podcast” is a fun and encouraging place to connect for real talk about healthy living so that you can have a healthier brain for physical stability, mental clarity, and longevity.

What an exciting opportunity!

I was so excited that Carrie was interested in interviewing me to learn how a Whole Food Plant-based lifestyle can have positive, long-lasting effects on your overall health. Once I had the chance to talk with her in person, I was even more delighted! She is a vibrant and genuine soul. Her love of Christ and her passion for helping others heal shines through in her work!

I couldn’t wait to share these Whole Food Plant-based tips with Carrie!

Some of the Whole Food Plant-based tips I was able to share with Carrie were how to cook one meal for both the plant-based and animal-based people in the household; how to crowd out the bad foods without scaring people away; and how to pick the best foods in the grocery store and more!

It was indeed an honor to spend time with her, and I hope that she and I can collaborate again in the future! So without further ado, below is a link to the podcast where we discuss some key strategies to implement a healthier lifestyle without prescription drugs. I hope you listen to all of her episodes. You are going to enjoy her fun-loving spirit!

Please listen to the podcast and be sure to sign up for “The Healthy Brain Podcast” to catch all of Carrie’s episodes in the future!

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