Will You Put Your Armor On Today?

by Kathy Anne Rodriguez

If you knew that in twenty minutes from now, someone was going to break down your door and threaten your family, would you continue to sit on the couch watching TV? Or would you barricade the doors and windows, find a weapon to defend yourself, maybe put on your armor, and call someone to help you?

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The last few months have been very difficult. I am telling you, super hard! Leaving a job that I loved, where my co-workers felt like family had me crying most of the month. I have been exhausted working extra hours trying to complete my Health Coach Training Program. I’ve put my ministry, and my business dreams on a temporary hold through this life-altering transition. Can you relate?

We All Have Armor Laying Around

Sometimes We Forget Its There

Through this transition, I have found myself very sad on many days. Don’t get me wrong; my new job has many terrific benefits, the best one is working with my sister. However, leaving my co-workers literally felt like I was mourning a death in my family.

I wasn’t ready to go. As a matter of fact, I thought I would retire there. After I started my new job, I would wake up, complete my morning tasks, and remotely log into my training class. All-day long, I felt a heavy sadness in my heart and worry about my future.

How long will my ministry have to be put off? Will I have time with my friends from work? Will I ever get back to building my website?

Those and so many other thoughts plagued me daily. Then my 84-year-old mother, a sweet and oh so Godly woman, asked me a simple but profound question. She said, “well, are you putting on your armor every day?”

Sometimes Our Armor is Dusty

I stopped and thought about her question. No, I hadn’t even touched my Bible since this all happened because I was so busy focusing on my wallow and my sadness and future!

She made me realize that I had to focus on the here and now. I needed to protect my heart and mind daily by smothering myself in Scripture. Digging my Bible out, I dusted it off and decided to put my armor on.

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Sometimes Our Armor Needs a Little WD-40!

I spent the next few days focusing on Scripture. A sweet friend from my support group sent me a picture of herself holding a cute teddy bear dressed in his Godly armor as a reminder. My mom also gave me a little card with a Midevil Knight wearing a shiny coat of armor. The Knight was standing by these verses from Ephesians 6:13-17 “The belt of truth buckled around your waist. The breastplate of righteousness in place. Feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. Shield of faith. Helmet of salvation. Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God”.

I pulled out some of my departing gifts from my friends at work. Among them was a daily devotional appropriately titled “Unglued” and a keyring full of Bible verses. I also found a card with two words on it that said, “Just Pray.”

Sometimes Our Armor Is Just Waiting For Us To Put It On

Flooded with emotion, I realized that God already had this situation under control before I even put in my two weeks’ notice. He was just waiting for me to come beside Him and let Him lead me.

He had provided the armor for me in advance. All I had to do was put it on and oil it up! I started waking up earlier and diving into the devotional. Before I log in every day now, I thumb through my keyring of verses and almost always fall on Psalms 16:8 “I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me.”

When my thoughts wander, the words “Just Pray” stand out to me and bring my focus back to God. Most importantly, I look at the card with the Knight, read the Scripture, and brace myself for what is to come that day.

I put on my armor every day now! I don’t want to be the person sitting on the couch unarmed when attacked. You can do this too!

It’s Time To Suit Up!

Surround yourself with Scripture. Give yourself time before you start your day to strengthen your armor. Make the person you call to for help be someone that can hold you accountable and give you Godly advice.

Also, know that you can always count on God when it feels like no one else is there. He already has the situation under control and is just waiting for you to come beside Him and let Him lead, as He did for me.

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